Tuesday, April 29, 2014


AB 1886 (Eggman) cleared committee today by 9 to 4. Organizations that should have spotted it as a dangerous bill were silent except for the Union of American Physicians and Dentists and the California Medical Association which were opposed. The UAPD states that "this bill would remove the requirement that specified information be posted on the Internet for a period of 10 years thereby requiring that information to be posted indefinitely." For doctors who've committed minor infractions such as being late with reporting requirements this legislation could be a life sentence, e.g., MPNs may very well reject applications of doctors who are listed even for such minor offenses as late reporting. Such doctors run the risk of  lifetime bans. We doubt that the proponents of the bill intend this consequence -- but there it is.

Under current law according to the  Medical Practice Act the Medical Board of California is obliged to post certain information such as malpractice awards on the Internet for 10 years. Once this requirement is gone, such information could be posted indefinitely, effectively a life sentence. The bill should be opposed unless amended.  

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