Thursday, February 16, 2017

UTILIZATION REVIEW HYPOCRISY REVISITED -- One Doctor's Answer to Arbitrary Utilization Review Denials

originally published in this blog, 03-18-2014, has met its match in the psych practice of Richard Dorsey, MD. With Doctor Dorsey's permission, we publish his method of dealing with Utilization Review minions.

Doctor Dorsey uses an 866 number going to a 24/7 answering service. This number is used for all UR doctor calls as listed on his RFAs. What this method means is that every UR call gets a live answer, no voicemails. All of his UR calls will be logged in as to date and time. This method allows Dorsey to claim accurately that UR personnel who say they couldn't reach his office are likely lying.

Should odd-hour calls come in, said calls are noticed to Dr. Dorsey by e-mail and are then answered during normal business hours. Dorsey keeps a log for dates and times of the UR doctor calls he actually returns. Dorsey says he'll do two such calls per case. For UR calls that come in during regular business hours, Dorsey's answering service e-mails notification of same upon receipt. Far from creating hostility, this method allows Dorsey to develop his own rapport with the UR doctors such that his rate of  "cases approved" has reached a high level. 

For more about Dorsey's technique, go to 


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