Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Post on Obamacare IPAB (Section 10320, ACA) is in preparation -- we are endeavoring to expose  the latest Congressional dodges none of which are a surprise to political pundits, e.g., congressional subsidies to cover themselves.  Nevertheless, we're still looking into it.  We had intended to cover Bill Clinton's talk on the ACA this September 4th, but we didn't find what he said especially revealing, not up to his own standard. We heard him say the expected about persons not currently covered but didn't notice any emphasis on how the program is expected to tout high-deductible policies or that Middle Income people will watch their rates rise in order to finance the newly covered.  Our background research continues -- don't hesitate to comment directly to our blog if you wish.  -- rlw, editor, www.politicsofhealthcare.com

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