Monday, April 30, 2012

The Multiple Assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy

Most followers of the assassination of RFK know about two principal arguments that cast doubt on the official version of this event, namely, that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, as a lone gunman, shot RFK. The first disputable evidence that any of Sirhan's shots could have done the damage is that Sirhan was in front of RFK. The second disputable evidence is that it is still claimed that more than 8 shots were fired -- important because Sirhan's gun was a revolver with a maximum of 8 shots. If there were more than 8 shots, the reasonable assumption would be that there was another shooter. We know that CNN is covering the story and have advised that their reporters study the original autopsy and pathology reports. It is no secret, in fact, it has been known for years, that the kill shot penetrated RFK's skull behind the right ear -- maybe from only inches away. We need to ask if the autopsy showed evidence of a close-up gun shot wound behind the right ear.

We have eyewitness testimony that cannot be accepted without study because so many years have passed since the shooting and since the testimony was originally offered. On the other hand, if it can be shown beyond reasonable doubt that more than 8 shots were fired, the "lone gunman" theory bites the dust and gives rise to a bona fide "conspiracy" theory -- with all of the conspirators having fled the coop, leaving Sirhan holding the bag alone.

That leaves the following question as the critical mass: does the autopsy report and any pathology reports that followed establish with reasonable medical and legal probability that the kill shot was delivered from behind and that the area of penetration was behind RFK's right ear? When the kill shot is fired from close enough, gunshot residue may be present.

If that's correct, not only is the lone gunman theory gone, but so are the other perpetrators and most of those who may've helped to curtail whatever investigation might have been appropriate at the time.

Never mind. It's never too late to learn the truth. We owe that to history.

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