Saturday, February 23, 2013

SB 863 ALERT: WATCH FOR ASSAULT ON NON-CALIFORNIA LICENSED UTILIZATION REVIEW AND SO-CALLED INDEPENDENT MEDICAL REVIEWERS : Stay tuned to this blog. We expect to report incrementally from Sacramento as we learn what's happening in our Capitol.

Previous blogs discuss SB 863 which Governor Brown signed into law on the last possible day of the 2012 legislative session. Massive efforts by injured workers' interests to  alter this bill are expected. 


  1. Can someone invite me to this? This last bill sb863 is downright vile and a further violation of human. civil and constitutional rights.

  2. You are invited to the party: tell your friends to get involved, have them call their legislators, then have them call again and again. Write your legislators and demand replies. Find out how else you can help. The newly vested interests who've reaped benefits from the vetoes of corrective legislation that three times passed the legislature will not go gently away.